Equality for Women


Equality for Women Measure – What is it?

The Equality for Women Measure is a programme for women funded by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform.  It is designed to improve the economic, social, cultural and political lives of women.  The Galway Traveller Movement received funding to run a project for Traveller Women to support them to be better able to take a more active role in the decision-making structures within their local communities and in local government.  The project started in October 2005 and will run until March 2007.  The main areas of work of the project are to:

Aim of project
The project is very clearly aimed at working with Traveller Women to help them be more prepared for taking up leadership roles in their communities. This might mean going forward for a committee, organising and facilitating a Women’s group or becoming more involved in Traveller or Women’s issues, whether at a local, regional or national level.  The three key work areas of the project are as follows:
•    Set up Traveller women’s groups in Ballybane, Ballinfoile and Westside.
•    Provide Leadership Training to Traveller Women.
•    Develop an increased understanding and cooperation between Traveller, settled and other ethnic minority women in their own community.

Past work of the project
•    Consult with Traveller Women in Ballinfoile, Ballybane and Westside.
•    Consult with local agencies, focussing on those working with Travellers
•    Establish an Advisory Group.
•    Set up three women’s groups in the areas of Ballinfoile, Ballybane and Westside.
•    Put in place an Evaluation process.
•    Deliver Lead the Leadership Training.
•    Making Connections: Women in Galway and Women in Tanzania – workshop
•    Traveller women as leaders – workshop
•    Newsletter

Current work of the project
•    Consultation with local agencies
•    Meeting with the advisory group
•    On-going evaluation of the project
•    Meetings of the Traveller women’s network
•    On-going support of the women’s groups
•    Supporting Traveller women into representative roles
•    Intercultural and Traveller specific workshops

Future work of the project
•    Production and publication of a newsletter and information tool
•    End of project seminar
•    Supporting the Traveller women’s network
•    Supporting the women;s groups to be independent.
•    Enhanced leadership training with and intercultural focus.

Contact person
Ciara Shanahan/Karen Mcguire
Galway Traveller Movement
1 the Plaza,
Headford Road
Tel: 091 765 390
Fax: 091 765 395